Paracord Bottle Bag FAQ

A guide of your Bottle Bags


Each bag is handmade and is prone to wear and tear.

  • Keep away from direct heat.
  • Do not machine wash.
  • Do not adjust knots individually
  • Avoid sharp objects.
  • Keep dry.
Height: 9"
Width/Depth: 4"
Short Handle Drop: 7.5"
Long Sling Drop: 24"

Frequent Q&As
  • What material is this made of?
Made from Paracord, it is 100% Nylon. It is commonly used in hiking.
  • What can I fit in the bottle bag?
Anything as long as it fits!
  • What is the maximum weight/size?
We do not recommend anything more than 1L of water.
  • My knots look loose. How do I tighten it?
The knots may look loose at times, but has added tension with weight. In case you do have to make adjustments, pull both cords top and bottom at the same time.
!CAUTION Pulling knots individually can cause the bag to go out of shape.
  • What if the cord comes loose?
Pull loose ends to tighten and proceed with a normal knot if needed. Cut to length and burn slightly to melt ends. Press immediately with the ends of a scissors to flatten surface.
!CAUTION Avoid direct source of heat, burn from the side slowly as overheating can cause the cord to break. 
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